Corollaries Inherent in Our Universalist Faith   

There are those who do not understand the power and the grandeur of the structure of the Universalist theology. From its inception into the United States (1770), the Universalist Church had to quickly organize, erect, and develop full service churches which functioned as more than a one issue religion but as a fully comprehensive Church of Faith.

The central doctrine of our faith which distinguished our church from all others was the belief that by the grace of a perfect God of love, all souls shall be saved. By the very nature of this faith, the implications and meanings of this belief rapidly expanded in ever widening circles to incorporate the following as natural and logical practices:

Each of these has been a historically original corollary which naturally flows from the central doctrine of our Universalist Church.

We Universalists have often sold ourselves short by lacking full faith in the implementation of our own beliefs. We often stand silent when others loudly claim for themselves that which Universalists first pioneered. But here we stand proudly, loyally, and lovingly enjoying our past and always pressing on to a greater future. 


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